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AS IT IS AGAIN by JoAnn Verburg

AS IT IS AGAIN is a new artwork in a new format made specifically as a free application for the iPad by internationally renowned photographer JoAnn Verburg.

Artists have historically taken advantage of technological innovations, whether it is oil paint or film with sound, and exploited the medium to communicate in the language of art. JoAnn Verburg is no newcomer to trailblazing; as a pioneering photographer of her generation, Verberg employs an array of formats and styles to examine what Museum of Modern Art curator Susan Kismaric calls “Verburg’s ultimate subject: the creation of nontheatrical space that functions as a threshold of experience.”

For this new project and new medium, Verburg cuts open fresh territory, constructing a method and a format that have yet to be fully explored. While she continues her trademark use of selective focus and multiple frames to emphasize photography’s relationship to time, she does so in an imaginative and stylistic way that can only be experienced on an iPad.

While the format of this project is very new, the images capture an old subject matter. Verburg presents the blossoming of almond trees in Italy after a long winter. Depicting the glacially paced transition between seasons, the images reveal the idea, as the artist says, “...things--even things that seem permanent-- change. That even in impermanence and loss beauty exists.”